Today, New Horizon employs over 150 hardworking individuals across three companies; New Horizon Farms, New Horizon Feeds and New Horizon Grain. At present, New Horizon Farms has 16,500 sows housed in five sow farms. New Horizon Farms includes six nurseries that have the capacity of 57,000 head at one time. There are sixty finishing sites located across southwest Minnesota, eastern South Dakota and northwest Iowa that can finish 128,000 hogs. The facilities are state of the art with both natural and tunnel ventilation and deep pit designs. Annually, New Horizon Farms markets over 430,000 hogs to JBS Swift and John Morrell. In addition, New Horizon Farms is home to four research facilities that are used to look at new production technologies and the wellbeing of our animals. These capabilities will help ensure New Horizon Farms is an industry leader well into the future.

New Horizon Farms
319 Hiawatha Ave – PO Box 708
Pipestone MN  56164

507 825.5462
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Home Office Hours:
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.