New Horizon Farms is committed to providing a quality, safe and affordable protein product to the growing population.

Our success is measured through the prosperity of the agricultural communities we operate in, our employee engagement and community involvement

Core Values:

Integrity:  Doing what’s right regardless of the consequences

Commitment to Excellence: Demanding more from ourselves than others do to achieve greater things than many have thought were possible

Respect for Others:  Respect for People, Animals and the Environment


We are glad you have joined the Company team, and we hope we will have a long prosperous future together.

Without you and the rest of our team, we could not exist. Your efforts help determine the quality of our products, our customer service, our Company reputation, our future success, and growth.

The Company has earned a reputation for quality. The success of our Company depends on the quality of our products and the quality of our service to our customers. We each have a responsibility to serve our customers efficiently and effectively, and by doing so we are each contributing to our success and security. You are our greatest resource, and we look forward to working together.

It is our sincere hope that you find your job interesting and rewarding, and that our association will be mutually profitable and enjoyable. Our future success depends on our mutual cooperation and the contributions each of us makes towards our future. Together, we can make tomorrow better.